Blissful Yoga & Massage, LLC. - Creating a blissful experience through the practice of yoga

Thank you for visiting our site. Our yoga class is designed for beginners who want to explore body movement(asana), breath work(pranayama) and meditation. You will gain a better understanding of the benefits of yoga, reiki, energy balancing and tantra. Incorporating these holistic components into your daily life will become easier the more you practice.

At times, life may appear 'out of control' and we feel discouraged. It is during these moments that yoga can help us regain that sense of balance and stability. Yoga can quiet the random thoughts that come to mind. The word yoga is derived from the sanskrit term yuj which means to bind, unite, to yoke. By combining postures(asanas), breath work(pranayama) and meditation, you can reduce stress, improve concentration, improve posture and develop muscle strength.

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